The new way to receive fitness content

High quality fitness content that you can perform, save, and track. All from your favorite fitness creators.

Say goodbye to digging through old instagram likes and traditional fitness apps with random trainers you can't connect with.

Fitness reimagined

Fitic provides fitness content from your favorite fitness creators in a professional, full screen format that is interactive and allows you to connect with each other.

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  • Perform, save, and track

    Perform and save any workout from any fitness creator on Fitic. Track past workouts and quickly jump back in.

  • Support & favorite creators

    Favorite individual fitness creators to your profile to follow along and connect with them.

  • All the features you need for your fitness journey

    Fitic was built with direct feedback from fitness creators on how they interact with their following. We aim to listen and continue to add features that give you the best experience possible.

    • Full workout library

      Access to all workouts from all fitness creators on Fitic. Fresh workouts delivered daily to keep you energized.

    • Full influencer library

      Access to all fitness creators on Fitic and ability to perform any of their workouts whenever you want, wherever you want.

    • Personal saved library

      Save any workout or creator to your personal library to quickly jump back in or view new workouts from your favorite creators.

    • Workout tracking

      Track all historical workouts performed directly on your profile to help you on your fitness journey. 

    • Timer overlays

      Overlay timers on full screen professional quality exercise videos to allow you to stay on track during your workout.

    Simple and Fair Pricing

    We created Fitic with the intention of providing both a platform with a reimagined way to consume fitness content, and also a platform that is accessible to all. Fitness should be affordable for everyone, which is why we do not charge $30 a month like other fitness apps.
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    $9.99 per month

    $ per user

    $9.99 per month

    Perfect for beginners and experts
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      Perform workouts
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      Save workouts
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      Track workouts
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      Favorite creator accounts
    • ✓
      Timer overlays
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      All future features added

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