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Fitic is a mobile app that lets you workout with your favorite fitness creators. No more digging through old instagram likes and seeing it in a tiny box. With Fitic, you get access to all workouts from all creators in a professional full screen format that can be saved to your personal library and tracked.

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Your Fitness, Your Way

Whether you are a fitness creator or fitness consumer, Fitic has the tools to help you succeed on your fitness journey.

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  • For Users

    Gain access to our entire library of fitness content and creators that offer fresh, diverse workouts for anyone's needs

  • For creators

    Post workouts for your following to perform, save, and track, and get paid for doing so.

  • Meet some of our creators

    • Laurenburgessnewprofileimage
      Fitness creator
    • Tyler mcafee
      Tyler McAfee
      Fitness Creator
    • Anica arciga
      Ani B
      Certified Personal Trainer
    • Miranda martin
      Miranda Martin
      Fitness Creator

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